Packet Analysis

Network Problem Solving for Remote Teams

April 6, 2020 · 5 min read

Using web-native tools, reducing bandwidth usage, and working securely are few of the ways CS Enterprise helps remote teams optimize their network analysis. Can your team take advantage?

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Packet analysis

Improving incident response using packet captures

4 min read

When an attack happens, the packet data that flows across the network is critical to the incident response lifecycle. Learn the role packet captures play in this lifecycle - before, during, and after an attack happens - and four tips to greatly improve the success of your security operations. Keep reading

Packet analysis

Display Filter Favorites: Using bookmarks to save and apply filters

4 min read

Tom was looking at a few different malware captures from his honeypot recently and found that he was repeatedly typing the same display filter over and over again on each new file.

We constantly use saved links to share our analysis work, but is there any way we can bookmark a link to just the filter portion of the URL in order to use it on different files? Tom found out there is, and it gives us a new way to save our favorite display filters for CloudShark.

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