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Packet Analysis

Faster network and security pcap analysis with Zeek logs

August 10, 2020 · 6 min read

Zeek is trusted by networking and cybersecurity experts for analyzing traffic with high-level, organized logs. In this article, you’ll learn what Zeek is, how to best use it when analyzing packet data, and how CloudShark's Zeek Logs analysis tool makes it simple to drill down to the data you need for your whole team to solve network security problems.

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Packet analysis

Using Zeek in Packet Analysis

3 min read

Zeek provides a great way to explore your captures and find problems faster. Here is a quick overview of Zeek, how it works, and how you can use it to discover and resolve network and security problems more efficiently. Keep reading

Packet analysis

Improving incident response using packet captures

4 min read

When an attack happens, the packet data that flows across the network is critical to the incident response lifecycle. Learn the role packet captures play in this lifecycle - before, during, and after an attack happens - and four tips to greatly improve the success of your security operations. Keep reading