Customizing Your CloudShark Experience

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We know how life can be when someone else drives your car, and all of your “preferences” - the seat position, mirror views, and your “greatest hits of 1991” satellite radio station are all modified. Or worse, imagine if you had to set them every time you got in the car! We can see how that would be super annoying (like the greatest hits of 1991*).

Fortunately for CloudShark, you can actually configure certain packet capture view preferences and save them so that you’ll see things the way you want to every time you look at a capture. CloudShark has three ways of preserving your preferences:

  1. Setting the column preferences for a single session
  2. Setting the column preferences for all of your sessions
  3. Setting the column preferences for all viewers of a capture (if you have write access to the capture)

These are in order of descending importance - session preferences are overridden by user’s global preferences, and user preferences are overridden by the CloudShark system’s global preferences for the capture.

Once you’re logged in, you can edit these by clicking on the “Preferences” button in the capture viewer.

In this example, we’ve added “Delta Time” to the column list.

The packet number, annotations, and time column are always fixed. You can adjust the format of the time column between “Seconds since beginning of capture”, “Time of day”, and “Date and time of day” in the preferences window.

Okay here’s the important part. At the bottom you’ll see a checkbox marked “Save as my default for all captures”. If you check this box and save, then any capture you open will have these columns. This sets your (the user) global preferences for how to use capture files.

But that’s not all. If you have write access, you can set the default view for an individual capture for all users by checking the “Save for everyone viewing this capture” checkbox.

That’s it! Now you can make sure that the CloudShark view you want is the CloudShark view you get. Just one of the ways we’re making the life of capture easier. Happy packet surfing!

([*]()DISCLAIMER: In order to avoid offending fans of the 1991 music scene, here’s Bryan Adams.)

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