Profiles Are Power - Best Practices for Network Problem Solving

1 min read

Wondering how best to secure your organization and keep your network running in 2020? Packet captures give you the most visibility into your network, but since they are so complex, they can often be difficult to work with.

Analysis experts like Betty DuBois rely on profiles to get the most out of their captures. By creating and sharing profiles in CloudShark, you are able to accelerate the analysis process and unify all levels of expertise among your teams.

Register for the session on Wednesday, January 22 at 11:00 ET

Join us for a special training session with Betty as we demonstrate:

  • Best practices for capture analysis using profiles
  • Using profiles and display filters to pinpoint the right packets
  • Examples of commonly used profiles for different analysis problems
  • And more!

We’re very excited to have Betty with us and to offer all attendees a downloadable exclusive analysis profile curated by Betty just for CloudShark users. We hope you can join us!

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