White papers

Transform Your Packet Capture Workflow with these 4 Best Practices

8 min read

CloudShark Enterprise, is a packet capture repository, analysis tool, and collaboration platform that we built to solve the challenges faced in our own capture workflow. It uses Wireshark under the hood, but all you need is a web-browser. We believe that being able to quickly share packet analysis in context, without friction, and across teams, changes packet captures from something that are too often a “last resort” to a resource that can be relied on to provide answers faster than before. Keep reading

White papers

Using CloudShark to ensure HIPAA privacy compliance

5 min read

Network packet captures present an interesting problem for HIPAA compliance, but they don’t have to be one that causes headaches. When it comes to securing electronic assets, packet captures are often overlooked more than other network and IT related resources. This is because they tend to be esoteric - compliance officers don’t need or want to have packets on their minds. Also, the methods through which they are obtained trend towards creating local, unaccountable copies of the traffic going over your network. Keep reading