CloudShark for Mist

Solve network problems faster
with packet captures.

Dive deeper into network issues with advanced packet analysis that can be easily stored, searched, and shared among your team.

Bring PCAP analysis to your whole team

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PCAP analysis straight from your devices to your web-browser

CloudShark is a secure modern platform empowering networking teams to collaboratively store, organize, and analyze packet captures. Teams can easily access packet capture history, safely open them on any device, and share analysis without the need for additional software.

Use this level of seamless network visibility to protect the business, increase analyst productivity, and streamline operations.

Work as a team

Transform troubleshooting and investigation by eliminating duplicate work and streamlining reporting as you are able to quickly collaborate with the whole team.

Secure your pcap data

Take advantage of a secure, centralized PCAP database complete with indexing, searching across captures, and authenticated user management.

Make decisions faster

Gain instant visibility into the underlying network traffic and use advanced analysis tools to solve network problems with ease without leaving your web browser.

Key Features

  • Import captures directly from your Mist Access Point and other devices
  • Tag captures with location, incident, or ticket information
  • Familiar Wireshark-like interface with advanced, responsive design and analysis tools
  • Analyze Zeek logs associated with capture
  • Search through historical captures for previous issues and resolutions
  • Add linkable notes and comments for your whole team
  • Share work using URL
  • Integrate with LDAP/AD user management
  • Go directly from security alerts to the packets with CS Threat Assessment featuring Suricata

Header photo credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash