AccessAgility Wifi Scanner Includes CloudShark Support

1 min read

We’re always excited whenever a new network tool or packet capture service is able to make use of the CloudShark API in order to integrate the seamless analysis of packet captures into their products. Integrators like AccessAgility’s Wifi Scanner are exactly what CloudShark was designed for.

Wifi Scanner Manager is a cloud-managed Wifi scanner that, when paired with WFS Agents, lets them become instant WiFi scanners and performance testers. You can find access points, determine their connectivity, do quick spot surveying, and find unauthorized access points.

WFS Agents (which can run on traditional or mobile devices) allow remote packet capture and upload to CloudShark from the manager or device running the agent. Once in CloudShark, you can organize, analyze, and collaborate on your captures right from your browser.

If you’re interested in more, you can try a demo of Wifi Scanner Manager here.

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