Capture Challenges

Grinchident 2018

1 min read

Every guru in IT loved pcaps a lot But the Grinch, who lived in the datacenter did not! The Grinch hated networks, the packets and streams They furrowed his brow and haunted his dreams It could be because of some hack that had failed Or a time he’d let sensitive data go emailed But I think that the most likely reason all Is the time he’d hung up on that one last support call Alas, had he used CloudShark, perhaps it’d gone well And he’d not have attacked our own networks to tell Thus he was still here, malicious and bitter And that he’d stolen the holiday card we’d intended for Twitter So we ask, CloudShark fans, in the packet community Help us find the picture he stole, expecting impunity Our team grabbed a capture of the Grinch’s attack: Where he hid all the pieces, and how to get them back.

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