CloudShark 1.9 - RTP Playback and More

1 min read

CloudShark 1.9 is here! The big news here is CloudShark’s support for RTP playback of VoIP calls. This is something we’ve been excited about adding to CloudShark for awhile - when looking to add tools to CloudShark, we always make sure they are something that can benefit from the power of web technology and aid our users in collaboration on networking problems.

You can see an example capture with all of our new functionality built in here:

First off, we’ve expanded the existing “VoIP Calls” tool to include the ability to play back a call in its entirety:

Secondly, you can view and play back individual RTP streams using the RTP streams tool:

Try it out for yourself!

In addition, we’ve made some great interface enhancements, allowing more keyboard operations and easier navigation. Check out the full release notes here.

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