Juniper Mist AI integrates with CloudShark for automatic capture and instant analysis

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Seamless network troubleshooting for Mist systems

We’re very excited to announce our integration with Mist by Juniper!

Mist transforms businesses with a modern microservices cloud architecture and inline engine that provides unprecedented scale, agility, insight, and automation. Their groundbreaking subscription services give the perfect blend of connectivity, troubleshooting, analytics, and engagement.

Mist and CloudShark together allow IT teams to easily manage their network and instantly jump to actionable data when a network or security issue arises. Mist’s unique capture capabilities trigger a network packet capture when a wireless AP detects an issue, and automatically uploads the capture to a CloudShark Enterprise system.

Mist Integration with CloudShark Enterprise Add your CloudShark Enterprise URL and API keys
Mist Upload to CloudShark Upload to CloudShark and start your analysis

This is a huge benefit to all users of Mist systems either as an end user or as an MSP. Contact us about Mist and CloudShark to learn more!

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