Polidea Cellular Data Network Simulator CloudShark Integration

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We love it when good ideas come together.

Recently we were contacted by the smart people at Polidea, a company that delivers dynamic mobile app design, development, and testing to its clients. To assist in the latter, Polidea cooked up an open source Cellular Data Network Simulator that you can grab on GitHub.

We got a chance to talk to Kamil TrzciƄski from Polidea about the project and their CloudShark integration. Here’s what he had to say:

We discovered that our test environment doesn’t fully reflect reality when we were using our in-house wifi and broadband for testing data connections on mobile devices. This is especially important when we need to test how fast a mobile app is on a slow and lossy connection. That’s why we created the Cellular Data Network Simulator. The app is installed on a router running OpenWrt and allows users to apply per-device QoS policies. At first, we had only QoS policies. However, we had requests from our developers to allow inspection of mobile device traffic: intercept and monitor.”

That’s where CloudShark came in. The solution is pretty simple: the user clicks Capture, tcpdump is executed for for a specific IP address, and the pcap is written to the device’s temporary file system. When the user clicks Stop or when pcap extends a hard limit of 1MB, the capture is sent to CloudShark using the CloudShark API and a link is presented to the user. The app is pretty powerful and quite simple. We can simulate any kind of link, including packet loss, and upload the captures to CloudShark for further analysis.”

Looks great, Kamil! Glad you could find such a good fit with CloudShark.

Interested in integrating with CloudShark? Check out our API reference.

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