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CloudShark as part of your solution

The Joint Solution / OEM Partner program makes it easy to integrate and embed a beautiful, low-level packet capture analysis feature within your network or security solution, with almost no development cost.

Increase sales and instantly add value by providing a secure environment to organize, share, and analyze packet captures. CloudShark saves your customers operation costs by increasing efficiency and collaboration across teams.

Partner Benefits

We provide your whole team everything needed to complete a successful, all-inclusive integration.

From engineering through sales, we're here to help get your customers the most value from your product.

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The ability to offer CloudShark as part of your solution with a resale agreement.

Increased margins with access to CloudShark at OEM prices.

Enterprise licenses for development and life cycle testing.

Enterprise licenses for sales demos and marketing initiatives.

Access to a project manager for coordination of CloudShark resources, including strategic consultations, support and guidance on the integration process, and periodic reviews.

Best-practice advice from years of integration experience.

Extensive product training and sales support to close deals faster.

Tier 1 and above technical support for your end customers and your team.

Not looking for a long-term relationship? You may be interested in becoming a Tech Integrator instead.

Featured Partner

ThreatEye by CounterFlow AI

CounterFlow AI, the first security provider to deliver true intelligent packet capture capabilities has partnered with us to integrate CloudShark into their ThreatEye solution, improving threat hunting workflows for security practitioners.

CounterFlow’s ThreatEye platform informs intelligent packet capture with patent-pending proprietary machine learning capabilities to conduct smart, real-time analysis on the data that matters most for critical threat research, hunting, forensics and mitigation activities.

Combined with CloudShark’s powerful threat vectors that correlate security alerts with the raw packet data, analysts gain instant visibility into the underlying network traffic without the need to download software or network data to a local machine.

Featured Partner

Making financial and trade network troubleshooting even easier.

Velocimetrics and CloudShark have collaborated to develop a more precise and transparent approach to network visibility for financial and trade markets. With CloudShark functionality, Velocimetrics’ clients are now able to look at particular trade or market data in the system at the packet level, without the possible security risks of moving sensitive data.

Header Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash
Featured Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash