CS Enterprise

PCAP analysis and management platform.

Packet analysis designed for your entire team.

Share more easily, communicate better, and solve network problems faster with CS Enterprise.

CS Enterprise is an on-premises, self-deployed virtual appliance for collaboration and analysis of network pcaps. It's built for everybody from experts managing large IT networks, to entry-level analysts looking to lower the bar to PCAP analysis.

Share with your Team

Browser-based and available on any device, CS Enterprise enables teams to share PCAP analysis with a single URL.

With a single click, your teammates can pick up right where you left off, and see exactly what they need to see.

Secure all your PCAP Data

Take advantage of a secure, centralized PCAP database complete with indexing, DeepSearch, and authenticated user management.

CS Enterprise is self-deployed under your own adminstrative control. Your data stays right where you put it!

Solve Problems Faster

More than just a remote Wireshark, CS Enterprise eliminates duplicate work and streamlines investigations and reporting.

The powerful API and industry-standard technologies make CS Enterprise the hub of your packet analysis workflow.

The one place in your network to store and organize important trace files.

Upload & Import

It's easy to drag & drop capture files right into CS Enterprise by using your browser, but the real power comes from integrating the upload API into other tools anywhere in your network.


Tagging is central to organization in CS Enterprise. Label captures with anything that makes sense to you, whether it's location information, bug ticket numbers, or who's responsible.

Search and Filter

Find important capture files quickly and easily by filtering on tags, size, timestamps, or by searching individual packets by display-filter.

Do deep packet analysis, share your results, all without having to leave your web browser.

Display Filters

CS Enterprise supports all of the display filters that you know from Wireshark and helps you type them through autocomplete. Every analysis tool can generate a new filter with a single click.

Save your Work

All your analysis is saved and can be shared with a URL. Instead of reproducing analysis steps each time someone opens a file, or emailing people screenshots, link directly to it for them to see.

Annotations on the Packets

As you do analysis, save your thoughts and notes directly on the packets as you come across them. When you or someone else comes back to the file, the annotations will be there waiting.

Advanced analysis tools bring you answers beyond just looking at packets.

Zeek Logs

See important statistics and access advanced analytics that leverage the industry standard Zeek network analysis tool. Get a high-level view of your traffic, and pivot back to the packets when you need them.

Protocol Ladders

Trace the flow of information across a single protocol, or view how multiple protocols work together when troubleshooting a networking issue.

Stream Decryption

Upload session keys and certificates right to CS Enterprise to enable analysts to decrypt the traffic and see what's inside each packet.

SIP Flow & RTP Playback

CS Enterprise has specific tools for VoIP analysis and RTP playback, including support for G.729 audio.

DNS Performance

Look at your DNS traffic to find slow or rogue servers, unexpected queries, misconfigurations, and other issues.

Malware Traffic Analysis with Threat Assessment

If you are exploring malware traffic, viruses, or other kinds of attacks, get to the bottom of an issue with the CS Threat Assessment add-on.

Enterprise Software means Enterprise Features

CS Enterprise integrates into your Enterprise workflow by connecting to or using existing infrastructure like VM hosts, databases, network disk storage, and caching servers. We build everything on top of standard Linux services so you can secure and configure your environment however you'd like.

Give your users a seamless login experience with our External Authentication add-on which enables you to tie CS Enterprise to your Active Directory domain, LDAP service, OAuth endpoint, or federated SAML 2.0 single-sign-on.

Advanced analysis tools for every use case

Solve networking problems without leaving your web-browser

Zeek Logs

Generate and explore logs with the industry standard Zeek tool. CloudShark installs and configures Zeek for you and provides helpful presets to make sense of all the data. Easily pivot back to the packets when you need a more in-depth analysis.


Search for indivudal packets inside across multiple files in your capture archive. CS Enterprise uses standard display filters to help you narrow down exactly the traffic you are looking for.

Packet Annotations

As you do analysis, save your thoughts and notes directly on the packets as you come across them. When you come back to the capture, the annotations will be there waiting.

Protocol Ladders

Trace protocols and conversations in a graphical representation of your capture files. Apply display filters, sort and hide nodes to get exactly the view that helps you.