CS TraceFrame

Add Packet Visibility to Your Application

The TraceFrame DevKit gives you everything you need to embed packet capture data in your browser-based application or service.

CS TraceFrame is a white-label development kit built for developers of network visibility, performance monitoring, and security tools that use pcap files in their solutions and want to give their users instant access to valuable packet data.

// create a new traceframe view
var tf = new TraceFrame({
  baseUrl:           "/pcap",
  container:         "pcap-viewer",
  enableDragAndDrop: true,

  file: "/data/examples/tcp.pcap"
<link rel='stylesheet' href='/traceframe.css'/>
<script src='traceframe.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='app.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<div id='pcap-viewer'></div>

Instant packet visibility

Give your customers a clear, easy to use view of pcap data used by your products, getting them the valuable network trace information they need.

Familiar interface

Leverage your users' familiarity with Wireshark, packets, and filters with a responsive, web-based interface build for experts and novices alike.

Easy to integrate

There's no need to build capture visibility tools yourself - CS TraceFrame provides everything you need in a single component.

Packet data is a critical value-add for your network analysis solutions

When troubleshooting networks, your users need to look at the packets, and they'll solve problems even faster by analyzing captures directly as part of your solution, without the need for external tools.

The team behind CloudShark has been doing packet analysis in a browser for years. With CS TraceFrame, we've developed the technology and expertise to give your products a fully functional packet-decode UI right out of the box - saving you significant time and effort.

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How does it work?

CS TraceFrame is a development kit made up of JavaScript, CSS, and a server-side component that delivers PCAP decodes and analysis to web applications.

The CS TraceFrame JavaScript module works with your existing UI stack, with completely customizable CSS that easily matches your application's look and feel.

On the back-end, the CS TraceFrame service handles capture files stored on disk with special processing to make your end-user's experience lightning fast.

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