Cyber Defense & Security

The Challenge

It's your job to protect the network

Security professionals know that it’s critical to investigate, assess, and track the vulnerabilities that allow systems to be compromised by a malicious attack.

Network packet capture data is your most valuable asset when building a threat response, but it can be tedious and difficult to work with. With the right tools, capture data lets your entire team deliver lightning-fast response times, faster issue resolution, and the ability to stay ahead of future attacks.

The Solution

CS Enterprise + Threat Assessment

Keep your team organized

With a single, secure place to store all of your captures, your entire team can work on the same data securely in one location. With the ability to search across captures, you can drastically increase the quality of your regression analysis for past incidents.

Alerts with context

Having access to the entire trace file for a specific alert is critical to understanding what went on during an incident. Related DNS traffic, suspicious URIs, and additional indicators can be a huge help to understanding the whole attack scenario.

Having just an alert without PCAP data, or data with out a trusted ruleset isn't enough. CS Enterprise gives you both — correlated together for you to start your analysis.

Be ready for the next one

PCAP analysis should be a key piece in your security/malware defense lifecycle. Understanding alerts and updating protective infrastructure goes hand in hand. CS Enterprise gives you the tools to understand and explain incidents while preparing defenses for the next generation of evil.

Collaborative analysis has changed the way we do things.

Yonathan Klijnsma, Security Specialist at Fox-IT

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