The Challenge

Focus on growth, not network problems

Financial institutions like banks and brokerages rely on secure, high-performance networks to function and stay compliant. When a data breach or critical performance issue means your customers are losing value, you need the best, most detailed information to resolve it.

Network packet captures are going to give you the answers you need the fastest. You need to have the right tools to work with them.

The Solution

CS Enterprise

Organize and store your capture data

Captures can come from anywhere in your network. With a single repository for all of your network trace data, you can make sure that valuable troubleshooting and incident data is never lost, and empower your IT teams or 3rd party providers with a searchable database of packet captures to keep history on your side.

Stay compliant and let your teams work faster

Packet captures are your best resource for resolving network and security issues quickly. Since they are records of everything that has passed through your network, they can contain customer data or competitive information. Giving your teams the ability to collaborate on capture data securely, without the need to pass around sensitive files, with the right context, and the right analysis, you’ll stay compliant while drastically reducing time to resolution.

Visualize security and performance issues without leaving your browser

With hard requirements on what can and can’t be installed on your workstations, many tools are an immediate no-go. Even ones that are allowed tend to be heavyweight and lack the context you need to work together. With responsive, clear analysis views that work with you and your tools, resolving network performance and security events is as easy as opening a new browser tab.

CloudShark is light years ahead in terms of flexibility and functionality.

Nick Gordon, Co-Founder of Velocimetrics

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