The Challenge

Modern government runs at the speed of IT

When it comes to keeping critical public infrastructure running smoothly, IT personnel and network engineers are the glue that hold together of our modern government. Department CIOs and IT professionals at state, federal, and municipal levels know this better than anybody. You are on the front lines of network and security troubleshooting.

Network packet captures are the best way to track, monitor, and resolve IT issues and are a vital part of most standard operating procedures, but they can be tedious and inefficient to use without the right tools.

The Solution

CS Enterprise

Stay organized and compliant with SOP

Packet captures can come from anywhere, and often end up anywhere as a result. With a single, secure repository for all of your network traces, you can make sure that sensitive files aren’t being passed over insecure channels and keep history on your side when it comes to security regression analysis or reproducing network issues.

Use innovative technology for better processes

Network traces are your most powerful IT and cybersecurity asset. When you can collaborate on capture data with your team and give clear, concise conclusions to your direct reports, resolving problems is a thousand times easier. Even better is if you can do all this without downloading and installing specialized software, right in your browser.

Tackle cybersecurity directly and easily

Whether you're in a state agency, police department, or municpal IT team, cybersecurity in your network will always be at the forefront of your job. With powerful, web-based threat assessment tools, protocol conversation graphs, and geoIP mapping that works with evolving, professional security rule sets, you’ll get to the who, what, where, and how faster than ever before.

Transform your PCAP workflow today

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