The Challenge

Network security and uptime can be a matter of life or death

When it comes to securing electronic assets, packet captures are often overlooked more than other network and IT related resources. Not only do they contain sensitive patient data, research, and IP, but they can be the most valuable tool you have when solving network or security problems.

As hospitals rely more and more on their networks, privacy compliance now extends to your network trace data, while still needing to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

CS Enterprise for Healthcare

Secure your most valuable IT assets

With a centralized, secure place to put all of your network traces, you can rest easier that the sensitive data you’ve recorded for troubleshooting stays under lock-and-key, with tight access controls that improve compliance with HIPAA standards. Your IT and security teams can work with this data together without insecurely passing around files or installing policy violating software.

Work together to solve network and security issues

Network and security teams face an uphill battle when things go wrong. With web-based packet analysis that works right in your browser, your whole team can collaborate on problems together, not losing time replicating analysis and giving a clear view of problems that everyone can see.

Let your network infrastructure work for you

Your Wi-Fi devices, firewalls, IDS, and other systems may all have the ability to create packet captures. The ability to collect them all in one place, and give access to them based on your existing authorization and access systems, lets your IT infrastructure work for you when looking into network and security issues.

CloudShark is critical for network and security troubleshooting given the nature of healthcare data.

IT Director, Major U.S. Healthcare Provider

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