VoIP/Service Providers

The Challenge

Human connections that have to work

Providers of digital voice, fax, and other unified communications for business, education, and government know that when there's a problem, it's about more than just a stream of data. It's about the people on both sides of that connection.

You need to quickly reproduce call quality issues and discover signaling problems. That means looking at network traces down to the individual packets, which can be tedious and expensive without access to tools that are easy to use and tailored for communication services.

The Solution

CS Enterprise for VoIP and SIP Analysis

Stay organized with your capture data

Capture data can get out of hand, especially when an issue may be spread across multiple files from different parts of the network. With a secure, searchable repository of capture files that can be tagged and sorted however you like, you can stay organized and never lose track of sensitive network traces that contain customer calls.

Get expert information and analysis

Effective troubleshooting means making sure the information you need it accessible in the way that you need it. By applying powerful web technology to voice packet capture analysis, your teams can analyze call flows, observe protocol conversations, and listen to call audio for G.711, G.722, G.729, and GSM codecs.

Collaborate across other teams and vendors

Packet captures are much easier to work with when you can communicate what you see with those who are helping you get to the bottom of a stream quality or signalling issue. If you can link directly to call playback, annotate packets, pass along a transport stream you are following, or embed protocol filters all with just a URL, you’ll drastically reduce your time to resolution and keep your customers happy.

There’s absolutely no need to install software locally, or any need to try and install analysis tools on every machine. We’re even doing it on our iPads.

Daryl Jurbala, Diretor of Network Architecture at TalkFree

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