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Case Study

QA Cafe accelerates network device development testing with CS TraceFrame

February 12, 2019 · 3 min read

CS TraceFrame helps QA Cafe speed up their users development cycle with easy to use packet analysis built right into their CDRouter test platform interface. Developers and communications service providers use CDRouter and its valuable packet level test feedback to build and deploy better broadband, Wi-Fi, and enterprise networks.

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Case study

TalkFree Using CloudShark for VoIP Customer Support

4 min read

We had a chance to sit down with TalkFree, a leading international VoIP and mobile VoIP provider. As a CloudShark customer, they’ve given us some great insight into the ways that packet surfing technology can help VoIP providers make their troubleshooting and customer support systems significantly simpler, easier, and more advanced than ever before. TalkFree’s case demonstrates that passing around capture files through email or web attachments just isn’t good enough anymore.

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