Packet analysis

How to Identify and Analyze BitTorrent Alerts in Your Network

8 min read

Tracking down BitTorrent activity with packet captures We love the exercises at, and occasionally we’ll pick some that we try to solve using CloudShark and its tools. This time however, we’re going through one armed with tools that we learned from Brad’s class (the author of malware-traffic-analysis) at Sharkfest US 2018, where he gave an in-depth class on using packet captures for malware analysis, as well as a presentation on Analyzing Windows malware traffic. Keep reading

Packet analysis

Malware Analysis Exercise - When Your Users Run Email Attachments

7 min read

CloudShark developer and packet guru Tom Peterson gives us another example from to learn how to best use CloudShark and our Threat Assessment add-on to get to the root of malicious activity. Let’s join him now for his latest exercise. The exercise: Two Malicious E-mails, Two PCAPs to Analyze In this exercise, we need to find out what happened when some users downloaded some suspicious attachments and executed the attachments contained therein. Keep reading