Packet analysis

Examining Network Delay with Wireless Retries

2 min read

Sometimes using tools such as ping when troubleshooting your Wifi network can show you that a problem exists, but not why it exists. If we look at a Wifi packet capture using CloudShark, the number of 802.11 retry frames can shed some light on the reasons behind poor application or network performance. Keep reading

Packet analysis

Learning how to Troubleshoot WiFi

3 min read

Now that we have our new Aerohive APs in our office, we’ve been excited to learn more about wireless troubleshooting and debugging. The built-in packet capture feature in HiveManager NG makes getting traces into CloudShark for analysis really easy. Now that we have the traces, what do we do with them? We wanted to put together a list of some of the resources that have helped us get started learning about the 802. Keep reading


What can I do with my Aerohive captures once they are in CloudShark?

4 min read

By now you’ve signed up for a CloudShark account and probably pushed your first capture from HiveManager NG into your repository. Where do you go from here? What sort of things should you be looking for? What exactly have I captured? A packet capture file sourced from your Aerohive device contains a record of all network traffic that passed through the interface you chose when doing your capture. In HiveManager NG, if you have captured on a WLAN interface, this will be 802. Keep reading